Those happy hormones we all need – Selaelo Matabane

Those happy hormones we all need – Selaelo Matabane

I enjoy running. I have always enjoyed running. After a diagnosis of depression I actually learnt that running was a good way of releasing endorphins, those happy hormones we all need, and I have never looked back since as I was in good company.

Previously I mostly ran for recreational purposes only and even though I participated in races it was never for ‘competitive’ purposes, all I ever wanted was to finish within the cut-off time. And boy did I struggle with that???

Anyway, late in 2016 I decided to lead a much healthier life (40 was fast approaching and I had to look good when it did) so I joined gym, got a personal trainer and off we went. I continued running but my pace was still the same despite increased efforts at the gym and the new goal was to do also the Comrades when I was 40 (in 2019) and it was then that I realised some extraordinary effort would have to be made.

So at the beginning of 2017 I added joining a professional running club to my goals. In my research, I discovered Magnolia Road Runners and while going through the website I noticed that there was something called RacePace Coaching for members interested in improving their running in 2017 and that it would be for FREE for members. I knew right then that my moment of the stars aligning to take me towards achieving the Comrades goal had arrived and I decided to join the club.

At the beginning of the RacePace Coaching training sessions, okay even now sometimes (lol!), I found it very hard and tiring to actually train. Added to that was the fact that everyone else seemed to be pros at this running thing, but I never felt intimidated and was instead urged on by the encouragement from fellow members and Clint, who also gave me my very own beginners training programme which made me feel special.

After some weeks I realised that I was getting stronger and decided that I would use the Wally to determine how far I had come as I was seeing improvements even on my other weekly runs (I was not getting as tired as I had before). Just to give you an idea, on 28 January 2017 I did the Wonderpark half-marathon and clocked 3:04 and that was a good result for me, but only in my previous life. I did the Wally half-marathon on 1 May 2017 and my time was *drumroll* 2:43! Yes I know, even I couldn’t believe it myself either. I know I’m going to sound clichéd but I wish I could describe the shock that I felt when I saw that time on the official car at the finish line, I was jumping with so much excitement on the inside, it was unbelievable that it was actually ME that had achieved that time!

While I acknowledge my efforts in this big feat of mine, I believe I would not have achieved it had I not joined the Magnolia runners with Clint as the coach, and I extend my utmost gratitude to you all. I am even more excited now that Clint will be with us for a while longer too, meaning even faster times for yours truly so for Comrades 2019 watch this space…