Support an Underprivileged Runner

Many of our lesser privileged members find it difficult to make ends meet as far as their running goals are concerned. Some of these runners are top class athletes and others are merely also rans who enjoy the sport and the company of co-runners.

The committee decided to launch an initiative that could help these individuals to enjoy their running like most of us do and to achieve their goals like we all do. Although we do provide in our budget for funds to support these runners many of them fall through the cracks as they are either up and coming or ordinary runners who invested in the sport to improve their health and to stay fit.

This initiative is not a plea for donations although that would be welcome and handy. There are however many other ways to help which will not cost anything or very little. We are thinking along the following lines:

  • Donate your old running shoes
  • Donate that pair of running shoes which you bought with high hopes but they simply did not work for you
  • Donate old running clothing
  • Donate that Magnolia vest which you replaced because it is not shining in the sun anymore
  • Donate your old running watch now that you’ve upgraded to a very smart one
  • If you travel alone to races not close by be prepared to offer someone a lift
  • If you want make a monetary contribution you are most welcome to do so – mark it as such and we shall see to it that it serves the right purpose

We are aware of the fact that many of our members are already involved on most of these fronts. We thank you for doing so and appreciate your empathy regarding this challenge.

Many of you might do it on an anonymous basis  which is also super and appreciated.

With this initiative we merely want to create a platform to widen our ability to help through a proper structure. We plan to provide our members with proper feedback regarding this project annually at our AGM through a formal report.

If you want to participate speak to any committee member or merely deliver whatever you want to donate at the clubhouse office on Wednesday afternoons or Sunday mornings.