Sunday Runs

Our Sunday group long runs are the backbone of Magnolia Road Runners and we strive to give our members and members from other clubs the platform to come and train in a safe environment where every runner is catered for. Whether you are a Comrades silver medalist or a novice aiming towards your next running goal, everyone is welcome.

Our Sunday runs are open to members from any club.

How it works

The runners are accompanied with car support by one of our club volunteers. The car support stops every 3km with refreshments (Coke, Energade, water, chips, sweets, etc.) for all runners. Then we wait for the backmarkers to catch up before continuing with the next 3km segment. The faster runners will generally go back and fetch the slower runners when we stop for refreshments.

Runs are anywhere from 15km to 30km and, as a general rule, the distance will increase as we approach Comrades so that those participating at Comrades can get their mileage in.


The cost for the Sunday run is R20 which allows us to supply all runners with much needed refreshment supplied by the car support on route.


Please see the calendar as times for the Sunday run vary depending on the time of the year.


We are always in need of volunteers to manage the car support on the Sunday mornings. To volunteer to manage the car support please talk to us at the clubhouse on any Sunday morning. You can also contact our club Captain: Gert Henning if you have any questions.