KETO Nutrition Talk – Can reducing sugar improve performance?


[Update 2017-08-12]

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We have received the presentation (click link to download):
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KETO NUTRITION TALK – Can reducing sugar improve performance?

Want to learn more going low-carb as an athlete. Can reducing sugar improve your performance?

Join us for a talk by KETO NUTRITION at the Magnolia Road Runner Clubhouse to learn about this and more!

The KETO NUTRITION Team and our KETO AMBASSADORS will be touring the country in July and August. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to engage with some of the country’s top athletes, learn more about low carb / low sugar sports nutrition and get a chance to discuss some of your own training challenges.

Talk Series Topic: Can reducing sugar improve your performance?

While each of us has unique nutritional needs as an athlete there are some common themes that result in under performance or being stubbornly overweight despite volumes of activity or always eating but constantly hungry!

If this is you or you would like to find out why more and more athletes are choosing to use carbs sparingly with great results join us to discuss:
– Metabolic Flexibility : What is it?
– Why will reducing carbs help my performance: Don’t we need them?
– How to build a performance eating plan
– What simple elements are missing: KISS
– Low-carb vs Low Gi vs Low GL: What’s the difference, and more!

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