Comrades 2018 Final Instructions


We would like to wish all our Comrades runners all the best for the big race on Sunday 10 June 2018.

Magnolia has 127 runners on the starting list for Comrades this year!!!

This post serves to provide our runners and supporters with some useful information for Comrades 2018.


We know that there is nothing like your first Comrades and we want to be of full support to all our novice runners. Please contact us for advice, support on the route and any other questions or assistance you might need.

Support on the route

Magnolia will have a club tent/supporters point at about 30 km to go in the race at the entrance of Gillits Station. Family and other supporters are welcome to join us on the day at this point (See map below). For clear indications of where this will be, you can speak to Tinus Marais or Ronald Lagerwall.
Some of the items that will be available at this point for Magnolia club members:

  • Potatoes
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Marmite and/or Biltong  bite-size sandwiches
  • Chips
  • Salt
  • Creme Soda
  • Lemon water (same as last year)

Club tent at the finish

The Magnolia Club Tent will be situated on stand PG22 Just follow the natural flow of athletes out of the stadium and proceed straight. You will find it on the left, approximately 100 meters after exiting the stadium.

Inside the stadium on the grand standMagnolia Club has 50 seats reserved in block 120 as indicated on the map below. It is a great place to spectate the finish and see your runner come in.

The Stadium rules dictated that Magnolia will only be able to provide refreshments to their club members at the tent.

Official release:

We would like to thank everyone who is involved in making Comrades possible for our members. From the shirts, goodie bags, help en-route, the tent at the finish, supporters and family. We hope all our runners would have an incredible day on the road and that it will be your most memorable Comrades ever.

Magnolians, we will be waiting for you at the finish line!!!! 

Magnolia Supporter Spot


The Magnolia supporter spot at approximately 60km into the race will be manned by comrades veterans with expert motivation and lemon water. 
The tent will be after the Winston Park Caltex, opposite the Gillits Station entrance and before the waterpont. 

Club Tent Layout


All runners will be led out of the stadium towards the Peoples Park.

People’s Park Layout


The Magnolia Club Tent will be situated on stand  Just follow the natural flow of athletes out of the stadium and proceed straight. You will find it on the left, approximately 100 meters after exiting the stadium.

Supporter Stadium Seats


Magnolia Club has 50 seats reserved in block 120 as indicated on the map. It is a great place to spectate the finish. 

Road Closures

For all the road closures and times:

Special Notes

Route to Finish

For family, friends and supporters making their way into Durban from out on the Comrades route to meet up with their runner please use the following recommended route so as to avoid any potential delays in the city due to the way that the runners will be entering the city prescient:

  1. Take the N3 towards Durban and at the E B Cloete Interchange (otherwise known as Spaghetti Junction) take the N2 north towards Umhlanga/King Shaka Airport.
  2. Take the Umgeni Road (Exit 170) Interchange flyover and proceed along Umgeni Road, passing Makro on your right-hand side.
  3. After 4km turn left into Smiso Nkwanyana Road and then right into Masabalala Yengwa Avenue.
  4. From here various advertised parking options will be available for you to use.

Advisory Alert

As the N3 highway from Durban into Pietermaritzburg at the Market Road Off-Ramp  area will be reduced down to one lane from 3 am (to allow for fence construction as the race will be run on this section of the highway) there is definitely going to be congestion and a bottleneck effect happening here as athletes make their way to the start. We strongly recommend and warn you that in order to avoid any unnecessary stress of getting caught in this congestion that you leave Durban 45 minutes earlier than you were originally anticipating to in order to pass through this reduced lane area on your way to the start with minimal disruption or stress.

PLEASE heed or advise on this alert and leave Durban EARLIER than originally planned. Note that the start of the race will NOT be delayed for late arrivers.

Our Comrades Runners


Number Seed Name Category
23107 C Aj Meyer M OPN
46779 D Albert Williams M OPN
26531 G Amelia Crause F OPN
39030 C Andre Kok M MAS
35825 A Andries Nienaber M OPN
18638 G Annelize Hietbrink F VET
47596 F Antonie Bam M VET
22999 F Beate Von Teichman F VET
7132 F Berne Du Toit F OPN
48401 C Bianca Frost F OPN
48657 G Carin Hoffman F MAS
20047 H Carin Jordaan F VET
39189 F Carl Anschutz M MAS
8355 H Carl-James Van Rooyen M VET
16542 E Charl Crouse M MAS
37358 G Clinton Mac Dougall M VET
17361 A Conrad Watt M OPN
24778 G Corinne Van Der Westhuizen F OPN
11700 H Cornelia Pretorius F VET
56122 F Daniel Mokobane M MAS
21300 F David Chamberlain M VET
43629 D Devanand Moonasar M VET
14398 D Dieter Gloeck M GMA
34663 C Dihan Matthee M OPN
34145 D Elizabeth Myburg F OPN
33832 E Elize Uys F MAS
58164 F Elizna Bam F VET
57913 D Elsmarie Jansen Van Rensburg F OPN
6057 D Erwin Kratz M OPN
16415 D Estelle Jansen Van Vuuren F VET
25668 F Esti Kemp F OPN
48527 H Franco Groenewald M OPN
35035 H Frans Van Dyk M MAS
54851 H Gerhard Van Staden M OPN
42484 C Gert Henning M VET
12218 G Graham Egan M OPN
46009 D Greig Pringle M VET
44884 D Hannes Nel M VET
13309 G Hechter Hansen M OPN
18346 C Henda Loots F VET
15342 D Hendrik Van Jaarsveld M VET
30584 F Henry Townsend M OPN
22433 C Hermanus Pienaar M OPN
17253 G Ian Potgieter M OPN
41188 D Ina Lagerwall F MAS
40820 D Ina Lombard F MAS
20991 A Innocent Mavesere M OPN
32771 F Isaac Masango M OPN
16149 H Jac Marais M OPN
28322 B Jaco Wilkinson M OPN
36169 C Jake Mojalefa M OPN
13335 C Jan Hendrik Labuschagne M VET
29041 C Jan Vermaak M MAS
32453 E Janeen Mary De Klerk F MAS
7998 D Jannie Grobler M MAS
23647 E Japie Jansen Van Rensburg M MAS
24333 F Jeanne-Mari Gauldie F OPN
10794 D Jeanny-Lee Matthee F OPN
11121 D Johan Schoombie M OPN
20865 A Johannes Ledwaba M OPN
22185 G John-Charles Stay M OPN
39300 F Joubert Krige M OPN
53729 A Judas Ntuli M VET
16818 F Julie Reid F OPN
10374 D Justin Frewen M VET
56692 G Kalichi Mabunda M VET
21770 E Kennith Erasmus M MAS
23558 E Kobie Jooste F MAS
9919 D Kobus Van Staden M GMA
35252 F Lennard Van Wyk M VET
32957 D Leon Matthee M MAS
15731 D Lezel Erasmus F MAS
10517 B Lindt De La Port M OPN
21027 F Lindy Steenkamp F OPN
7767 D Lionel Rankin M OPN
25595 D Lizl Van Heerden F VET
55981 C Louis Begemann M VET
38856 E Louis Dey M MAS
48806 F Louis Van Wyngaard M MAS
14297 G Luke Walker M MAS
16026 F Marcel Crause M VET
11481 D Marius Pretorius M VET
20234 H Marius Van Wyk M VET
54706 D Mark King M VET
30903 C Melinda Smal F OPN
50079 F Mia Van Der Linde F OPN
26211 G Michelle Jackson F VET
54009 D Mirilene Swanepoel F VET
5887 C Mthokozisi Mthembu M OPN
14337 H Mynhardt Oosthuizen M VET
55691 D Naomi Wilkinson F VET
5459 F Nic Shelver M MAS
24922 B Noel Young M OPN
27970 H Patrick Thomas M VET
34550 C Pierre Du Preez M OPN
57567 H Piet Visser M GMA
20739 H Quintilla Stegmann F OPN
47469 C Rainer Oellermann M OPN
14035 A Randal Titus M OPN
45393 E Renate Van Niekerk F MAS
17163 F Rene Siebert F VET
8225 C Retha-Mari Green F OPN
24788 H Riaan Van Der Westhuizen M VET
17568 F Roland Wilson M VET
12657 H Ross Mahaffey M OPN
18871 D Rudolf Van Wyk M VET
47550 C Ryno Meyer M OPN
10208 H Samson Mabena M OPN
37097 A Sipho Masilela M OPN
48410 D Sonette Nell F VET
28921 B Speelman Maritshana Masango M VET
26787 C Stefan Muller M OPN
19144 B Stéfan Swart M OPN
7294 D Susan Rossouw F VET
13802 E Tania Shawe F MAS
14430 H Tilane Prinsloo F OPN
24880 D Titus Nkosi M VET
47900 D Tobie Reyneke M VET
44043 H Tracy Smit F VET
12828 D Vanessa Fourie F VET
39920 D Werner Lewies M OPN
57357 H Werner Louw M OPN
10643 D Willem Mare M OPN
53784 F Wynand Coertzen M MAS
19533 E Yvonne Jansen Van Rensburg F MAS
14080 H Zaan (johannes Andries) Smit M OPN